Thursday, 9 October 2014

Limericks After #indyref: Just for Fun!

Poetry month on the blog continues. So far we've had some cheeky Scots Verse, An Ode, A Sonnet and now on to Limericks for a wee bit fun. Not sure what the next form will be but if there is room for all voices and views in the indyref, there should surely be room for all art forms, all emotions and all tastes. There are 8 - obviously!!! Hope you enjoy!

There was a dour man called Brown,
Who was known for his terrible frown.
He made us a vow,
But where is it now?
At least we can see he's a clown!

Said George Osborne to "Call me Dave",
"Those bloody Jocks just won't behave,
We tried using fear
But they're still full of cheer
And Maggie will spin in her grave!"

Poor foolish gullible Nick,
The tories made him look a Prick,
"To get anything Clegg,
You'll bow down & beg."
An Amoeba could see through that trick?

There was a smart man called 'Alec',
He got Westminster all in a panic,
Though the vote we have lost,
It is not at all cost,
Cause now Party membership's manic. 

The media make me feel sad,
Their reporting is terrible bad,
With the powers we've got,
Nationalise we cannot,
But still Keith Brown is painted as mad!

Be careful when posting on twitter,
That from your cruel mouth doesn't slitter,
Any hurtful bad thought
That you ought to post not
Cause to strangers you'll only seem bitter. 

Last week's poem contained an omission,
Robert Peston missed out on derision,
I am so sorry that
Nick R got all the tat
But at least I have made this admission!

We  really SHOULD thank Russell Brand,
For giving us news that was grand.
We all loved the Trews,
For its humour and views,
And we hope very much it's not banned!