Saturday, 4 October 2014

Ode to the Falkirk "Yes Gazebo"

We bid farewell to our Yes Gazebo
For two years plus, our warmth placebo,
That’s sheltered us through wind and rain,
Guarded our hopes as we tried in vain,

To bring enough people towards our dream,
Believe in a vision not harsh and extreme,
Yet full of hope - which still remains,
That we now take forward to seek new gains,

In a quest for a country that’s fair and just,
For the sake of our children, we know that we must,
BUT not with you, our trusted friend,
Your spokes and bars have begun to bend,

As you’ve watched conversions to Yeses from Noes
Between nipping our fingers and stubbing our toes!
To the next generation we’ll make our case well,
But dear old Gazebo, you’re starting to smell,

So we’ll pack you away for the very last time,
No more will you listen to Steeple bells chime,
You’ve snared your last bungee & dripped your last mess,
But we swear to your memory – the next vote will be YES!