Thursday, 15 October 2015

Daughters of Chaos

Well, you can't really post a poem about the wonders of insomnia in the middle of the day, can you?!? October poetry month continues with a wee Spenserian Sonnet I rather like actually! You have to make the best of the talents and curses you're blessed with after all....

Do not lament for me my endless night,
Dear Friends who feed your souls with fruits of day.
The Darkness sends me wings for spirit’s flight,
And whispers words which sunlight cannot say.

For while you sleep my senses dream their way,
Through waking trysts of clarity so pure,
The colours of the night are never grey,
But paint with fired tongues that do endure.

Yet blessed with Nyx’s gift some search a cure,
To dull our wits, our visions, grand and true,
Recant our pow’r, submit to ‘Normal’s’ lure,
Hide madness in the dusk as others do.

Surrender not my curse of chaos child,
Embrace the stars, I must, and blaze them wild.