Friday, 9 October 2015

Quantum Love

Over the years I have observed that it is precisely the things which are so exquisitely impossible to understand, which capture my desire to try to more than anything. For example: 

1. Love 
2. Quantum Theory 
3. Why the hell I should adore Andrew Purdon so much and continue to share my life with him when he persists in EATING EVERYTHING LIKE A FRICKIN COW!! 

 So this crazy Petrachan sonnet is for him. An impossible form for an impossible subject matter. Quantum Theory is just like love after all! 

Our quantum love whose waves do break each test,‎ 
Cannot be tamed, explained, by those who look, 
Theories which cry their tears in every book, 
Have answers not, for particles who jest.

Dimensions string their way through hearts at rest,
Realities which term our love a fluke, 
Infinities of chance were not our hook, 
The pattern of our souls will not be guessed. 

And yet entangled as we are we try, 
To know the things perhaps we never should. 
Photonic love will never answer why, 
Into a box must live desires which would. 
What matter shares with light that will not die,
Dualities like love, which never could.


 (and if you don't know anything about quantum theory...don't worry, your 1st response was correct...this is a ridiculous poem...but then, that's exactly the point!!)