Thursday, 8 October 2015

National Poetry Day 2015: Michelle

So National Poetry Day - Nothing like putting yourself under pressure with 2 hours to go. Same Old!

I wish I had it in me to write another witty political ode as I did in last year's offering. However "And Here's to You Mr. Robinson." will be forever one of my favourite hastily penned poems and certainly my favourite to 'perform'!!

However this year has been a very different struggle and grief comes tapping on my shoulder to whisper those sad stories all too often. At times I have found it hard to laugh and be my usual nonsense fuelled self!

But though I have found it hard to laugh, words are not such traitors to the soul and I have taken comfort in being able to express the changing stages of grief through poetry, however imperfectly that may manifest itself.

This year's theme is supposed to be light, so it seems only right to offer these simple verses to the memory of a beloved soul who certainly lit up the lives of many. Her love of rainbows gives me reason to be thankful for every sun shower, as I am for each moment of friendship we shared together. I very rarely title my own poems but perhaps this one should simply be...


Sweet Light which splits the spectrums arc,
And fires souls ‘gainst skies so dark,
You bounce through drops though shadows run,
Caress the rain and kiss the sun,

To bathe your babes in blissful rays,
Bring back the song of happy days,
That yet laments unfallen tears,
But blazes precious thankful years,

In blinding gifts of solar calm,
Into our souls you spread your balm,
Of soothing hope, though ne’er to touch,
Colours which fade we strive so much,

To fuel our hearts, you paint the sky,
Your sun-kissed canvass shall not die,
Though light may change and storms rage past,
We’ll shine one day, once more at last.